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Graphical Displays of Global Public Health Data is a Course

Graphical Displays of Global Public Health Data

Time limit: 2 days

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Full course description

Two-Day Short Course: July 18-19, 2019

Critical to conveying scientific and complex information is the creation of effective graphs.  Appropriate displays of data are essential for the health of populations.  This short course offers guidance on how to create better graphs. This skill needs to be developed and practiced; however, most public health students (and professionals) rarely get such training.  
This course provides lessons and activities in making graphical displays of global public health data.  We will begin by discussing what are suitable graph types for different data, especially noting what works for categorical versus continuous variables.  We will review necessary components of various graphical displays, including figure captions, scales, legends, and callouts.  As a cohort, we will make critical assessments of graphs noting common problems and offering solutions for better designs. 
At the completion of this two-day course, participants will improve their ability in creating graphical data displays.  Different types of exercises will be done to practice skills. Participants will be provided feedback on how to better communicate critical information to different populations. 
This course is taught by Dr. Dina Borzekowski, the interim director of the Global Health Initiative and a professor at the University of Maryland, College Park. Dr. Borzekowski’s expertise is in health communication. For nearly three decades, Dr. Borzekowski has worked with students and colleagues effectively disseminating complex and technical information to a variety of audiences. Dr. Borzekowski has an enjoyable and personable way with students; she is gentle but concrete in offering advice on better communication. 
To get even more from this course, participants will be encouraged bring their own raw data with which to work and use.  (If data is not available, the professor will provide raw data.)  Participants should expect to put in minimum of 8 hours of work over the two-day course.

Who: Students and professionals wishing to improve their graphical display skills. 
What: This is an intensive course that spans two days. Participants will complete exercises and the professor will provide immediate feedback. The goal is to gain skills in presenting various types of public health information to different audiences. 
Where: This is an online workshop.
When: This course will occur July 18 and July 19, 2019.  
How: The professor will lead 4 online sessions; this will occur from 10-11am and from 4-5pm, on both days. New information will be presented and tasks will be done in the time periods between the online sessions. Individualized feedback will be offered to each student on each day.  
Why: Presenting visual data is critical in communicating global public health, and we all can improve our skills!