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Basic Statistics Review is a Course

Basic Statistics Review

Time limit: 90 days

$10 Enroll

Full course description

This course is intended to provide students with a brief introduction to basic statistical concepts used in public health research. You will have a chance to go over three modules that explain these basic statistics concepts and then at the end you will have to take a quiz related to the material that you just reviewed. Once that you pass the three quizzes it will be considered that your review has been completed.

This course is based on the first lectures of our course EPIB300 Biostatistics for Public Health Science. The textbook for this course is:  Elementary Statistics in Social Research, 12th Edition by Jack Levin, James Alan Fox, and David R. Forde, 2013 Pearson Publications, ISBN-13:  978-0-205-84548-4.

If you have any question contact: Dr. Raul Cruz-Cano via a Canvas message.